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George Hudson

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1 minute ago, George Hudson said:

Many thanks, btw, I know it's not quite square yet!





We all realise this is a work in progress and a trial of what is possible and how it looks


You have the rare talent of being able to mix artistic flare with geometric forms, 

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Needs a lot of weathering, but it really captures the atmosphere of the old Liverpool Street that I remember from my youth. I spent a few summers temping nearby during school/college hols and often wandered around the station during my lunch breaks. All diesel by then, alas, but your modelling brings back happy memories of my teenage years, so thanks for posting your work on here. 


David C



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This is the Aldegate of my youth.
The rumpity-rump of a Brush Type2 on blue Mk1 suburbans. 
The moan of the traction motors of Red Circle-Line trains and the chatter of the Westinghouse air pumps.
Reeks of atmosphere, when you have weathered it it will be FANTASTIC.

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16 hours ago, simon b said:

Great work, looks just like the old Met connection at Liverpool street.

Many Thanks.

Yes, that's the inspiration for that part.  I have scrunched (technical term) it onto the back of the Great Eastern hotel although in reality I think it was in another part of the station.  When I first built the layout in another location it was much longer and incorporated a full oval which went via that "hole".


from east.jpg

Edited by George Hudson
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18 hours ago, lmsforever said:

The old Liverpooi St      had  a cafe up on top level gave a terrific view acros sthe platforms to the centre roads ,cup of tea a penguin biccy and lots of steam.

Yes! And I believe that there was a similar smaller structure which was the stationmaster's office and which I am intending to represent.  It will connect to what, in the above photos, looks like a diving board from the higher level currently on the model.

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35 minutes ago, simon b said:

That just screams Liverpool street! Dont forget the giant twin postbox down the side of the stairs. 



Ha ha! Yep, I'm thinking a bit of plastic tube flattened into an oval will work for that.  I already have several small ones made from dowel dotted about the layout.


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1 hour ago, George Hudson said:

Finally got a dirty brush on  the loco fleet (or at least most of it)


dirt 3.jpg



There are some really outstanding layouts on this thread but this one is right up with the best of the best. Anyone who remembers Liverpool St as it was, and the Circle Line round to Kings Cross must surely be bowled over by the way you have captured the atmosphere of it. Superb modelling.

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