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So what do you do on a Monday night, well you can sit down and relax in front of the flatscreen TV set but for me it's tie to spend an hour at the bench and do some painting. First of all a overall shot of the tank cars I'working on. For the rest its time to add some grimes to the decks. Choose the dark treaking grime 1206 for this first layer after wood painting. I like the slightly greenish appearance of this grime color. Worked my way around the tank, removed it and dabbed around a bit to fade the colors with a clean brush. No thinners added in this case..And for the rest well I tried to paint the oil spill around the dome..looks nice and shiny but I think it can be a bit darker. Used the fresh engine oil for this step. Maybe I should build it up in more layers or paint a layer inbetween with a darker color, thinking about the wash for Nato camouflage or brown/black oilpaint..Maybe I did go a bit to heavy on the spills, all comments are welcome..













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Didn't make a trackplan, just a quick sketch, layed track tried it, changed it and tried it, couple of times..but maybe this helpes..




11613982866_9541641099_b.jpgDSC_2656_931 by milocomarty, on Flickr


11613236265_02f52d5b43_b.jpgDSC_2657_932 by milocomarty, on Flickr


11613981116_281dc277ce_b.jpgDSC_2658_933 by milocomarty, on Flickr


11613236585_3a96b693a1_b.jpgDSC_2659_934 by milocomarty, on Flickr


11613571654_16e3b549df_b.jpgDSC_2660_935 by milocomarty, on Flickr


First picture is the entrance from the fiddle, last is endpoint on the wharf..

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One of the main advantages of this 8' x 2'4" diorama, or part of my show layout set up is that I can take some nice picture of y rolling stock I'm weathering, tan cars are still in progress but I thing they look good in a natural environment. Last piture is my set up, bit lousy, taken with the iPhone











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No, not al modules are the same size. They range from 1.2 meters to 1.35 meter. Overall lenght is around 8 meters..




unfortunately the last one somewhat shattered the mirror for me


How should I read that, is there somewhere I can improve it..

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How should I read that, is there somewhere I can improve it..

I'm sorry, that was in no way criticism of your superb modelling, I was really commenting on the 'behind the scenes' aspect, a bit like a movie set when you can see round the scenery.....! I realize you were just setting the module up for photography.

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Holy Moly, Milo!

The weathering detail on those tank cars is simply exquisite, they look so very 'real'. Your whole layout is looking superb too!

If ever I'm in the Netherlands and you're showing, I'd love to come to your show.



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Being one of the exhibition managers for the OntraXS! show in the railway museum in Utrecht Holland took a lot of time lately. With a succesful show last weekend it's back to modeling for me now and working onwards the 2 shows planned at the end of the year. Still need a confirmation from de grote modelspoor Expo at Leuven Belgium but the Warley show at Birminghams NEC is confirmed. My first UK appearance with Mara Harbor.

So I'm back on track and work towards the shows by finishing the wharf part of the layout, couple of new builds, re-paints and additional weathering and adding a load of details and cluther..that's the plan. For now I started cladding the warehouse of Verne Niner Import - Export Fresh Fruits. The plan is to try a couple of military weathering techniques on this build. Thats why it's still fresh new cut wood for now..my usual technique using limba veneer sticked with double sided 3M sticky stuff to a foamboard base..








In the mean time I received a couple of goodies from AK-interactive from Spain, more enamel based washes, streaking grimes, deposits and pigments..and 2 books to..






So I couldn't resist a try with the moss deposit on a roof..and I must say I'm pretty happy with this stuff combined with their faded green pigment and the abandoned vehicles deposit wich is a more greenish gray tone..






Hopefully I can show more on a frequent base the next 6 months..

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A while ago I started building with styrene for the first time. Must say it's neat material and fun to work with. Made a start on a couple of steel windows and door for Vernes warehouse. Smokestack and stairs to, al build from styrene sheet with evergreen strip and other materials..think I do the steps and deck in real wood..









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Styrene is great for representing metal and other smooth surfaces but I don't think you can beat wood for representing wood, especially when stained with a thin wash. My experience with painting styrene is that you need to slightly roughen the surface to get a scratch proof finish, especially with Vallejo acrylics. Testors Acryl are somewhat better at adhering to un-prepared styrene.

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Hopefully all my rolling stock and buildings will survive time untill Warley..and it's the only UK show for now. Further more there will be one in Leuven Belgium but this one has to be confirmed, Negotiations with Model Rail Scotland ...but me bad. have to pick it up again..

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Well as styrene is a pretty new building material I have fun with it. Made some doors windows and stuff. Works pretty fast and accurate in my opinion using the Chopper II to cut lenghts and pieces. Just have to find another glue. Using MEK right now and it gives e a splitting headache. For the windows and doors. In this build I like them to be metal. Metal sliding doors, metal framed windows..gives a bunch of opportunities to add rust and even more rust and trying some different painting techniques..Talked enough now, time for pictures..











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MEK is in my opinion the best and most forgiving solvent for styrene but you are right it can be overpowering. I have a fan running when using it to blow the fumes away.


Great work by the way. A word or two of caution when working with styrene, if you laminate do not use too much MEK as several days or weeks later it may start showing signs of sinking or depressions in flat surfaces. Also impact adhesive attacks styrene over time. It's great for attaching styrene to other materials like wood but again you have to use sparingly.

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