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  • 3 weeks later...


Discovered styrene as a for me new building material. Bit of practice with sheet styrene and Evergreen profiles..funnyy steel structure on the covered crane, sliding door and a new boxcab cover..weathering in progress..












hopefully more progress the next days, close the shop after tomorrow untill the 4th of januari...

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A time ago I purchased the book Perfekt bis ins detail written by Emmanuel Nouaillier. Yes, I do read and write German to. Wondered how he used this tracing-paper adding his signs. Couldn't find a descriptin in the book so I started to figure it out a it. First of all I made a simple design using Illustrator and mirrored the image. Test run on the printer just using the outlines to test fit on the building for the right size. Taped a piece of tracing paper on the testrun with low tack masking tape and printed again. Printer on photo settings. Removed the tracing paper from the test sheet and put it on the building the right way with the ink down. Rubbed it with a soft lead pencil and voila theres the image..As I want the sign worn but not a completely faded ghost sign I added a bit of color with a Faber Castell polycromos pencil. This is an oil based pencil and with some odourless thinner you can fade it a bit again..Pretty happy with the result, now it's ready for more micro-painting and weathering..

















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That faded lettering looks excellent. I may have a go at that myself when I have a building or two on the FVRR. Thanks for the technique photos - a very useful way of explaining your working method.



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Thanks !!
Bit of progress on the sign, added some micro painting with a 0/3 sable brush, Vallejo modelcolor and my wet palet made from a plastic container, somekinda cleaning sponge and baking paper..
Wish ya all a happy New Year !!



Wow - what a finishing touch! Looks fantastic, well done Sir.



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  • 2 weeks later...
Thanks guys !!


WIP , three narrow gauge tankcars I worked on during the last 2 day show..






















Rusty tanks are done with Ammo by mig acrylic paint over a black and white primer base. Using airbrush, sponge and splatter techniques..


Decks with the Vallejo old and weathered wood set..IDF Israeli sand primer, model-air concrete followed by IDF israeli sand light with an index card. All with the airbrush. Followed by highlights with the same IDF color and a wash with 50/50 thinned modelcolor wash dark grey, highlighted with RAL 1001 modelair again..

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So a bit of a tutorial.

I did try to take pictures from every step I did. Tried to achieve a bit worn but not entirely weathered boxes and crates..

The paints used :




The modelcolor is a dark grey wash. So after a good coat of surface primer IDF Israeli Sand Grey I started painting the crates, 4 of them with 71.027 light brown and the other 4 with 71.032 golden brown..






Let this dry for a couple of hour I did the first wash with the 517 dark grey but thinned it 1:3, 3 drops of water on every drop of wash.






It's just a light wash to darken the deeper part, sometimes a second wash is needed. With a couple of drops of 71.027light brown on a wet palette I started painting irregular along the woodgrain. Sometimes thin sometimes a bit thicker and completely random..and on all 8 crates.










Switching colors I added 71.032 golden brown in the same way. Completely random, trying to ovoid patterns.










Switching color again I added 71.075 sand(ivory) to the dry palette and started painting edges and highlight. Do want them quit hard thats why I didn't thin them..






Switching back to the very thin wash and a fine pointed brush I painted shadows on the deeper parts..






For the last step I added 2 drops of 71.077 wood into the remaining wash and thinned it with 8 drops of water. You should test if this wash is thin enough, it must be more like a filter to blend the colors together .






All these colors along with a manual are in the Vallejo Old and New Wood set. Bit from them bit from myself..I like it.

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  • 2 weeks later...
As I mentioned, total chaos..back to the tankcars...


After spraypainting the trucks and wheels with Vallejo primers I just added a quick matte coat of varnish. after that a quick was with AK interactive brown earth deposit and after a good drying time a tiny bit of AMMO light rust wash. For the wheels I used various rust toned pigments with black finished with the light rust wash. Inside of the wheels is done today, so no pictures yet..








Not shure if I'm happy with the result, but once and a while I just step back and leave it for a while. So on with the underbody of the tank cars, painted with a light coat of Vallejo modelair .080 rust, a light drybrush with .075 sand and the stakepockets are done with Vallejo panzer aces dark rust..






Think I need to add a bit of color to the deck, not shure if I'm gonna use a enamel wash for wood or just paint it..

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More dirt and other stuff, couple of Ammo enamel products on the trucks. Added some nature effects damp earth to the trucks and wheels, followed by fresh engine oil on the lower parts of the truck, the journal grease bearings and the wheel bearings. Last some streaking rust effects..











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Bit more work done on the tankcars, added some Vallejo chipping medium thinned with a bit of water and flow improver to the upper parts of the tanks. After a short drying time I went over with Vallejo base grey 3:1 thinned with airbrush thinner. 15 drops of base grey with 5 drops thinner, and 3 drops flow improver. The flow improver is great stuff, prevents the tip from clogging. Airbrushed a thin layer on the tanks, let it dry for a short time and went over the top with 10 drops base grey, 5 drops white and sprayed the top of the tanks withthis slightly lighter grey color. Finaly a short spray on the edges and seams with a 50/50 mix of base grey and white, to highlight them. Do think this pre shading adds more depht to the model. After the paint is dry, happily wit acrylics it doesn't take that long I started chipping by brushing  clear water over the tank. This chipping medium acts like hairspray and parts of the paint come of again and the rust undercoat becomes visible. When I started with the basecoat I forgot to remove the decals, thought it was a unforgiven mistake but in this case I se an advantage. The show a bit rusty through the color coat and I like it..Now it's time to add more chipping with a brush, add a clearcoat and come over with enamel washes and grimes. That's for the net time

















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Easy Saturday evening, so I made a start on pinwashing the rivets and cavities with Ammo Africa Corps Wash..time consuming job I must say using a 0/3 brush and adding small amounts of the wash to the rivets one at the time..












Not only did I try to add depth to the rivets but also like to give a bit the "dusty" feel. Don't mind to much of the wash, after a short drying time it easily can be removed with some odourless thinner..

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Sunday hobbytime, more layers added to the tanks of the tankcars. First of all 2 rusttones, manipulated with odourless thinners and up/downward motions of a flat brush. After a bit of drying time some streaking grime, followed by some light dust. Last 2 steps almost wet in wet and blended and manipulated the same way with odourless thinner.. Short test on another tank with some Ammo grimes and AK dirt deposit..





















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