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West Riding Terminus- Halifax Powell Street

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Haha! Come on- we're all friends now! Besides Lancashire also had steam, grime and grot!

That's very true but they speak funny in both places and have different names for things that are the same ie. bread buns can be ' baps'  'barms'  :O

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Hi all,


I recently purchased a L&Y radial tank and intended to use it as a station pilot. To be perfectly honest I was rather disappointed with its performance. It didn't respond at low speed increments and was VERY sensitive over double slips. It definitely wasn't suitable as a pilot loco. I have read that the front and rear bogie wheels are wired to pick up power from the track but I seemed to get a rather high resistance when they were measured with a multimeter. I opened up the chassis and made sure the pick-up contacts were touching the wheel axles but it didn't seem to help much. I thought i'd dry a DCC Concepts Stay Alive decoder and after dismantling the loco realised there was very little space for the decoder board and capacitor unit. To fit both in the space under the coal bunker I had to remove the factory fitted PCB socket and re-wire a spare socket.


The underside of the factory fitted socket, showing some sort of frequency chokes I believe:




The hard wired socket, allowing the decoder and stay alive unit to fit into a tiny space:




The result is like a new loco, running smoothly and slowly over a range of speed steps. I'm so pleased it has improved the running of what is a delightful model.


The next task I have started is the construction of the platforms. I started by marking out a template on A3 paper which could then be used as a template:






I ordered a back scene from ID Back Scenes and because I want a West Riding backdrop set in Autumn (not bright, green, lush summer!) I went for the overcast sky only. Because the retaining walls are quite large, I want to give the impression of not being able to see 'over the walls' so other than low relief buildings, just the plain overcast sky will be seen. I put a sheet in place to see how it will look:








I have gone for solid platforms, laid on top of the 3mm cork which will be fixed with screws from the underside of the base board. A combination of 12mm ply and 3mm, with edging made from scribed plastic. The rail to platform height is just over 12mm once the edge has been sanded down:






For the edging, I thought I'd try using some plastic corner strip from B&Q, cut down one edge with the trusty Olfa cutter:




This gives a nice strip with a pleasing radii edge to scribe. My only concern is if I can put a gentle bend in it; perhaps using hot water. I will try this tomorrow night hopefully:




I am planning to 'fill' the area between the two edging strips with filler and scribe flags in between.  


Thanks everyone,





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This layout is really starting to take shape now I think that you have already started to get a good atmosphere. The re-spaced Peco track does make a massive difference it's a shame the point work cannot have the same treatment 

Excellent work will follow with interest 

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Thanks very much Gismo. I'm glad I went ahead with the sleeper spacing, and I did consider trying the same with the points but as it's a first real layout I am content with the standard Peco points for now (after stripping some excess plastic from them). My next effort (years away yet) will feature hand built points. I can't wait to lay the MPD trackwork and get properly stuck into the scenics.


Roll on more weekends/holidays!!

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Hi Trev,


Yes no problem. If you search my blogs I show the construction in a bit of detail. It is essentially a kit-bashed shed made from two Wills kits and some extra embossed plastikard and detailing parts. The small office at the rear is scratchbuilt.


It has a core of foam-board with scribed brick interior and is illuminated with LED's in the shed area and in the office section. My original layout plan had the shed facing 180 degrees to how it is now, so the detailed interior of the out-building is fully hidden now on the non-viewing side! The chimneys are 3D printed, and the smoke chutes on the underside of the roof sections are from the safety covers of my diabetic needles (see image below)! They have a lovely shape and I am planning on using them in a few other detailing areas!


Here are a few photos; 



























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Quick update from a few hours on the layout today.


I first started by fitting some location dowels to the main platform so I can remove it for painting & detailing and relocate it accurately (ish!);




I then painted the plastikard sides with the base sandstone;




Then dabbed on several coats of matt black, with a gentle dusting of dark weathering powder;




I then started on something I've been meaning to do for a while. I have been debating whether to model a station canopy or not, which would be similar to this at Chester;




I have decided to not model the canopy in full, so to not obscure the platforms. I have pictured it being cut down in the late 40's (after sustaining damage during the war perhaps?). With this in mind, I have started to model the support girders in a cut-down state;








I'm still unhappy with a general ground cover, I need to find a fine textured, brown scatter. 


Any suggestions would be greatly recieved.



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Quick update from a few hours on the layout today.





I have decided to not model the canopy in full, so to not obscure the platforms. I have pictured it being cut down in the late 40's (after sustaining damage during the war perhaps?). With this in mind, I have started to model the support girders in a cut-down state;







Great modelling, Pete.


There was a bomb dropped on Hanson Lane Halifax on 22nd November 1940, which is only a short distance from the real Powell Street where your terminus is located.  So war damage would seem a really plausible explanation.



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Great link- thanks Russ.


I have been looking for information on Halifax during the war, so that is spot on.


The subject of how towns and cities changed because of war damage is a somber yet fascinating one. I remember being so engrossed by the stories of my grandparents during wartime Liverpool; my gran being bombed-out of her home but yet telling such funny tales from that time.



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G'day Gents


A good looking layout and reminiscent of the West Riding.


When you mentioned the canopy, being wartime damaged, I thought of Broad St, where most of the overall roof had been cut back to the last bay or two, Llandudno was another heavily cut back, it would also give you a rather dramatic looking concourse, being high and open.



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Nice work Pete, will be keeping an eye on this. Lovely to see a layout with such atmosphere where even before its finished you can place it geographically just by looking at the pictures.


Were those NYMR pics taken at the autumn gala? Had hoped to get to it this year but a bit difficult stuck out in the Irish Sea!!


All the best,


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I'm really liking this layout, and in particular the thread. It is very imformative, thanks for sharing and illustrating how you are doing things. My in-progress N gauge layout follows a very similar track plan, as far as the station layout goes,  and I particularly like your idea of cut down canopy girders. I was trying to think of a solution to that problem of not seeing the trains where a canopy would naturally have been. I hope you don't mind if I copy/adapt your idea!


I also like the idea of a tall retaining wall, with an overcast backscene.


I shall be following this with great interest. Thank you again, and great modelling.

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Thanks people, very kind comments. I just wish I had more time to spend in the railway room!!


John- the pics weren't from the gala, just an early September visit whilst on a short break to Whitby (convenient that our short break involved a steam railway!). I really wanted to see Sir Nigel in steam before she is overhauled but she wasn't running. I was really lucky with the other engines I saw though, and loved every minute.


Thanks also scotty, I'm learning so much as I go and taking so much inspiration from the great layouts on this site. Copy all you like- just show me when you do it properly!!


Hope for a bit of progress on Sunday,



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Evening Folks,


Managed to mount the back-scene this evening using double sided tape. It seems to hold well- I just hope it stays up! There is an awful join near the middle of the layout. A large factory building will cover some of this but it isn't an appropriate place for a chimney so I may have to disguise it in another way. They are 'overcast sky' set 1 & 2 from ID back-scenes.


Apologies for a horrible 3/4 view;




The other direction;




A few quick shots;








I quite like the first of the above three shots, I feel it nods it's hat to Tetleys Mills.


I plan to finish the platforms next. Looking forward to the Wigan show next Saturday also.



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Evening all,


Just a couple of quick pics. Started some scenic work on the carriage sidings earlier. I wasn't satisfied with my general 'earth' ground cover and thought that the mix of Carrs ash ballast was too dark. I have experimented with a brown scatter purchased at the Wigan show on Saturday and I think it could work; it does lighten up the scene slightly! A touch of autumn 10mm static grass has started to blend the retaining walls into the ground;




Please ignore the yet-to-be-filled corner...!






A sunny afternoon in Halifax;




Had a good time at the Wigan show on Saturday, so many incredible layouts. My favorites were Diesels in the Duchy, Calderwood, Lime Street but I think Canada Street won it for me. I was blown away by The Worlds End though;




The epic Lime Street;




The wonderful Canada Street;




Thanks people,





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Evening all,


After a week off work and a few lovely days in Whitby, I have a decent number of images to upload. I have made a little progress on one of my platforms, but have spent most modelling time enjoying running sessions.


Firstly, a few images from a day on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. I don't get to spend enough time near the real sized beasts, and absolutely loved the sight, sounds and smells. 


Due to issues with points outside Grosmont, there were 3 locos in steam to gawp at; black 5 Eric Treacy, standard 4MT and K4 The Great Marquess. I have a lot more photos from this trip but here are a few;








Inside the cab of the K4:




Back to the smaller stuff, I have really enjoyed detailing some of my locos recently. They all have crews now, and the inside of the cabs have been weathered. I will weather them externally soon. I weathered the inside of the tender on my Jubilee with a coat of humbrol clear and then weathering powders;










I coloured a sample piece of edging with a thin wash of black to highlight the scribed flags, followed by a general coat of sandstone and finished with brown weathering powders;




A few shots from a running session;


The pilot is busy moving empty stock;








The Kadee magnets at the opening of the carriage sidings helps to keep shunting moves fluid. They are located under the dummy trap points;






The delayed uncouple feature from the Kadees are great in this location. A local DMU service pulls in (the spotters aren't impressed);








The trusty Fairburn pulls in with a semi-fast;






A short freight pulls in behind a 4F and awaits to reverse into the off-scene goods yard;








Finally, a beautiful jubilee reverses onto a London bound express;






I think the next step is to paint the platform sides and then start on the tops.


Thanks folks. 

Great atmosphere! Gives me inspiration for my new layout,albeit located in the north-east.

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Hi Folks,


Thanks so much much for the positive comments.


Just a quick question; which I beams look better for my cut-down bomb damaged canopy- just over 1ft square or just under 2ft square section?




Just thought the original (larger) ones look too big, especially when you look at the canopy at Chester;




Any thoughts would be appreciated,



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I know when I occasionally lean against a beam at Leeds on the way home from another hard day at the office (cue violins) they normally fit snugly between my shoulder blades, so I'd be inclined to go with the 1' square ones.


Really like what you're doing with the layout by the way - really does have a sense of place already.




David V.

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