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Bodmin Show


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Does anyone know what layouts will be attending this year?

Try http://www.wadebridge34007.co.uk/mrex.html for full details, but the Layouts are:-




Cantrell and Redlake Light Rly, Sun only - 0 (Sunday Only?)

The Chocolate Line - N BR(W)

Donegal - 00n3

Farnley TMD

Four Laynes - 00

Hornby Railway Collectors' Association - 00

Metropolitan Avenue - 0 US 3-rail

Mine layout (work in progress) - H0n9

Newburn - 00

The Oval - Hornby-Dublo 00

Ruan - 00

St Torpid's Creek

Treneglos - 00 SR





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I'm guessing that BlackRat is actually asking about the Bodmin show which is taking place this weekend at Bodmin Community College.


Unfortunately I have no idea what will be there and I can't find a web presence.

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Agh... I was under the impression that the Bodmin show was now at Wadebridge....

So two local shows close together, it seems to be a trend in Cornwall.

Next year we have Hayle, Kernow's new one and 3 Spires over three weekends.

As well as the other shows earlier in the year (Redruth and I've forgotten who now!).




Edit - That's Kernow Models, not the esteemed SWAG Captain Kernow.



Edit - Found it (simple really...) try http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events/2191-Bodmin_and_District_Model_Railway_Club_Annual_Model_Railway_Show

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