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Good advice from GU, especially with regard to trying a replacement PSU & setting up a test track/decoder reset.


IIRC with a command station that does not have internal track voltage setting the track nominal voltage will be 1volt less than the PSU.

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Many thanks to GU for his excellent advice.  I have now solved my problem.  I decided to buy a DCCconcepts Alpha Meter to check my track voltage and when I found one at 20% off at Rails of Sheffield it settled the decision.  This has shown that my DCC track voltage is around 15.6v and therefore good.  The problem had to lie elsewhere and I decided to first look at some of the CVs I'd changed to implement ABC braking.   When I changed CV134 back to its original state, the problem went away!  Unfortunately ABC doesn't now seem to work but that's another problem and I'm happy to play with that myself for a while.


Thank you all who have commented on my problem.  I do appreciate it.

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