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Saltdean - LBSCR in 0 gauge

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  • 1 month later...



Just going through the 4/6 coach book vol.1 and came across 2 coaches that look, at first glance, to be identical to those we already do.


1, outside framed all 3rd dia 6F page 98  (Wright and son/Metropolitan carriage and wagon)

2, 28ft all first dia D56 page 170  (LSWR 1st/2nd comp or all1st)


Also what colour would these be painted.


Also "Brighton" should arrive tomorrow that make 2 A1's in pre 1905 livery

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They would have been varnished mahogany for the first few years, then painted once the wood began to weather in a matching shade. I used Railmatch 'Dark Rust' which looks about right to me.


This Brighton modelling is addictive, isn't it!



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We had a guest engine on Saltdean at Worthing show this weekend.....




The locals looked a bit surprised!




It would have looked better in Improved Engine Green, of course, but Chris might have objected if I'd repainted it!


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  • 1 month later...

I've built a couple of new engines for Saltdean, both Stroudley designs built from etchings by Mike Waldron.




This is a C class goods engine, as built without brakes on the loco and with the simple black lining. She's a bit early for Saltdean in this condition but I like her.


The picture really picks up the difference between the painted areas and the printed paper panels; she looks better than that, honestly!




The second engine is the pretty little mixed traffic 'Lyons' class 0-4-2 which was very much a D class without the tanks.  




Both engines are waiting for the number plates to arrive from Guilplates, but they should have been fitted before the layout is out next. Albion needs crew too, of course, plus lamps or destination discs.




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I am also at Doncatser at the weekend with my club layout Hinton Parva, I will make sure I pop over and say hello as I have been wanting to see Saltdean in the flesh so to speak for some time!

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Saltdean was at Railex North East this weekend and we were lucky enough to be awarded the Chairman's Shield which was an unexpected pleasure. 


I took some more pictures, partly to show the alterations I've made to improve the layout.




The curved track where the coaches are standing has been re-laid to make the curve less sharp, so now all the loco's run over it without problems and the coaches can be backed over it too. I didn't alter the platform, as it's behind the train the slight difference in curvature isn't obvious.




I've replaced the vegetable garden with a flower bed to add colour; it wasn't really the right place for vegetables. 






The signal behind the water tank isn't motorised like the others, partly because I've been lazy but also because neither John nor I can see it from out operating positions! If anyone has noticed they have been too polite to say anything. 






When the other loco's are playing up for no apparent reason and driving us nuts the little Dapol Terriers just run and run. They are lovely models. 




Since deciding to scrap Langstone I have added a lot of the figures from that layout to Saltdean. 


The next outing is the NEC in November so I've got time to work through the list of jobs I've come back from Railex with. By then too there should be five authentic Brighton PO coal wagons and four more beer vans, about all the stock the layout can cope with.



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I spent a lot of time watching Saltdean this weekend at Railex North East and was very impressed.


A lovely layout - and pre-groupimg too - perfect.



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I like the changes Peter and find it amusing that you could be bothered to motorise one of the signals because you couldn't see it. Reminds me why I like operating from the front, why should the audience get the best view after all the work building it it is nice to enjoy it.



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Thanks everyone. I'm with you Don, I operate from the front becasue I want to see the layout! Fortunately John prefers the fiddle yard. Unfortunately from where I stand the signal is right behind the water tower ....bad planning! 


One thing that Saltdean lacks is enough siding space, so I'm wondering about putting in another. 




If I take out the grass bank on the right I can run a siding from a point just beyond the water crane and extend the loading dock so that the siding runs alongside it to be used for loading horse boxes and the like. I've always wanted to model one of my horseboxes with the doors open but at the moment there's nowhere to put it. 


It's the sort of expansion the real thing might well have done in the late 1880's, after all.



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