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Bachmann 4MT tank valve gear pops

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Hi Mike,

It does look like something has come adrift this side;- normally the bit inside the valve-guide is motionless in these models, rather than moving about as seen here, & allowing the other rod to rise & fall.. It is probably fixable, given some dismantling...

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I had the same problem with a standard 5MT but luckily it was still under warranty.  It was quite pronounced on both sides, but Bachmann repaired it free-of-charge.

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Hi guys


Thanks for the suggestions etc.


I have now fixed the problem.


If you look at the attached photo, the uppermost red arrow on the left indicates where the plastic lug seems to have split, this seemed to hold the rod with the square eye in place.

As it was lose it moved forwards allowing the popping effect observed.

I pulled it back to the same place as the other side and used a little glue to hold it in place.

The popping has stopped and the loco is smooth.

Hope this may help others later


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