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Bulleid Corrugated sided wagon kit now available


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Provincial Wagons Bulleid Open kit now available.


The photo (later when I find out how to put it up!) is of our prototype wagon which clearly shows the unusual triangulated chassis, patented by Oliver Bulleid and his chief draughtsman at the Southern Railway -  Lionel Lynes. 



The wagon was introduced in 1956 in this form and was built to the tune of over two thousand wagons, of which 1,000 were still in use by the end of the 1970s. They were used on all manner of traffic initially and were seen all over Ireland, so you can have one (or more!) on your train North of the Border as well.


They were extensively used in the annual Beet Campaign, even in steam days and in this form, right up to 1980 or so.

Number series was 11817 to 14672.


Our model has the signature corrugations inside and out, plus a plated floor as in the real thing. Count the bolts! Note the Builder's Plate and the representation of a consignment clip. The brake gear is a close representation of the real thing.


Apart from the brake gear, this should be a very easy kit to build as body and triangulated chassis will be a single casting! About fifteen parts in all.


NO transfers are supplied as the original wagons merely had a stencilled number on the left hand triangulation and it would be so small as to be unreadable. In any event, in real life it quickly disappeared under a coating of muck, oil etc!!


Pretty well everything you need, bar adhesive and paint are included. You’ll need a few tools, which should be found in any modeller’s tool kit.


I have received the first delivery of kits, with more on the way.


If you want yours quickly, I shall be on the RPSI tour on 9 - 11 May.


Please pre-order. Theoretically, I can deliver in Dublin, Cork, Killarney and Tralee!


£21.50     or          €29           post paid.


Ordering details and photo on my website –



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Not of interest to me but another example of Bullied's design work is always of interest.  Nice looking kit as are the others on the site. Here's a photo of the corrugated side wagon:




Hope it sells well.





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Thanks, Mark, for posting the photo for me - 


"With a little help from my friends"


Thanks, too, for the kind comments on the kits - the man to congratulate is my modeller, Michael Rayner of Smallbrook Studio. It seems that the more difficult a prototype I give him drawings etc of, the better the resulting wagon!



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Might be worth mentioning that this is 4mm scale, the couplings and a mention of 21mm gauge on the Provincial Wagons website are clues, but it doesn't actually say!

Hi Tim


Yes, it's "cheat's gauge", but - 


I will sell a "21mm" version as required. All my handmade wagons are to scale - it's largely a matter of supplying the kit without the chassis. I've sold ten of that version of this kit already.


Contact me for a quote, saying how many you require.



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