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'A' Class Fitted With Mr Soundguy's RealDrive System.


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'A' Class fitted with Mr Soundguy's RealDrive system.

This video is a bit on the long side but shows the RealDrive system used by Mr Soundguy's sounds.

It also shows the pulling power of this double drive 'A' class locomotive making light work of the 14 loaded bogie shale wagons.





If anyone is interested in obtaining this sound decoder or any Irish sounds you can contact Mr Soundguy direct here, [email protected] just send him an email.

Mr Soundguy will be on holiday until 22nd June 2015.




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Hi Wiggy


Sounds good! My knowledge of irish locos is sketchy to say the least - is that a Crossley engine file?




Phil Bullock



Hi Phil,


They were originally fitted with the Crossley engine but they were unreliable and they were re-engined with a GM 12-645E as far as I know.

I think the loco the recording was done from may have had the original Crossley engine refitted but can't be sure.

I'm sure someone from the Downpatrick railway will be on here and will be able to confirm that or not as that is where the recording is from.



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Thanks Wiggy


Ah that'll be this one then




If I read that correctly its a GM






Having been in the engine room of A39 can confirm it's a GM 645. The only Crossley units to survive in locos are in the Aussie MetroVicks and of course the surviving CoBo.

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