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hi All


more progress has been made after the mhr gala with some more motivation since she went out running after a year out


stock has now taken priority as well as sorting fiddleyard boards too


all stock is currently drying ready for either final coats or weathering









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Morning all


so more work done now on the loco fleet with james now finished and the thumper now waiting for transfers to be delivered the thumper's paintwork has also had some deliberatee mistakes done in the green for weathering purposes and other ideas if they work










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So this morning ii received a call saying 828 is ready for collection after having some rivets replaced due to tightness stopping easy movement of the chassis


so looks like the airbrush has another job for tomorrow wen she returns 


she will put under restoration loco count up to 


these locos are 1/. Swanage 34105, 76017, 75079, douglas (j94 conversion), 27007, 45132, 30499, 


just leaves 30506 left and 31806 as an alternative loco so either in use or in the shed in final stages 



do i make 34058 and 80150 although they have never come to Ropley?? hmmm...



i am still thinking of getting Braunton but need to figure out the tender since it will need custom modifications made to suit 


as for stored locos 41312 will need some rods off i believe and 30076 still needs to be bought then just the U tender that was never finished 




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So after a long day yesterday more work has been done to the Alresford end where the point out of ropley is being included into the scene for mays two appearances


The fiddle yard curves on this end have also started with board construction being planned for next week's assembly. So far trunking is in the board is wired and point rodding is partly in although I am a pack short doh


Hills are also in temporary ready for cutting to shape once wooden ends are on



Once thos board is completed work will start on the sheds to complete the shed roofs and interiors



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So update wise 828 has now returned from having motion freed up and looks good 506 has escaped it's box and sits waiting for me to start. The end board Alresford end has been made ready for the hills this weekend. The water crane for the platform has also arrived and the crossing hut. Wadebridge has a lot arrived in the guise of Bude so some work here to be done.

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little update


not a lot has happened recently although i can post some photos tommorrow to show progress


the extension is pushing on nicely with signals about to be ordered for Alresford end


the banks are now carved to take the path that will be laid tommorrow


wadebridge has now been made but still numbered as 34001 numbers are due anythime to finish her off


Bodmin has now been completed and looks smart


30506 has been started but has a long way to go yet!!


more detail has been added to locos as well as more to the sheds which is waiting to be positioned and glued in


my 2-6-0 42xx tank is having running issues and will need sorting prior to its next appearance which is over a month away


the fiddleyard turning circles have been remade and are awaitng a full test


my first yard board has started another wire through where i missed some droppers last time round too


will post tommorrow all the photos to show



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So I have decided that over the years of building ropley I have missed out areas in detail etc to get the layout ready for shows. Well over the last few weeks this has changed with the intention now to complete the majority of projects on the line. Lots has happened to make this possible so far the new fiddle yard curves are completed all boards re painted the new scenic board will receive it's greenery tomorrow, the footbridge has had a repair and edge capping added, the building site is now in basics with scaffolding building materials fencing and a few people. Rople Manor has had some junk added into the car park. The carriage shed roof material is finally in stock so will hopefully be ready for Brockenhurst show. My fencing is being made ready for fitting as well as trees. Pictures will follow tomorrow showing all goings on but I hope to complete former projects by July to start others ready for September



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morning all


pictures are a bit late as work forgot to book my holiday in


pictures of progress will be posted when my camera lead turns up :(


currently the boiler shop side of the layout is my main focus


the layout is getting ready for the victory model railway show on the 14th shortly followed by Brockenhurst


still so much to do but its getting there


the pictures show the boiler shop and carriage shed sides are missing these are currently having a new paint job as well as the doors added guttering will follow after the completion of my roofs

telegraph poles have been wired up

trees are emerging up by the bridge as well as completed hedges

water tower repaired

shed roofs for wheeldrop shed near completion

containers in boiler shop have a completed platform

signal box roof repaired

building site finished until ordered items arrive


I hope to have the boiler and carriage shed details finished by the end of may just need to find who does carriage doors and other small details suitable


with the yard almost done just means some more figures and some bulk items to be scattered

30499 looks a bit de cluttered considering the condition she is in so that area will be focused on after the shed

then it will be onto the main shed getting that up to spec with more details

then the wheeldrop shed made up with details completed and I might get round to building the inner frame which I bought all the materials for yesterday

I am looking into a proper backscene too which will be the real thing so that could be good

then get all signals in

then it will be time to extend hopefully for her show in September and October








good thing the roofing sheets turned up yesterday only been on order since October must have had a heavy hit on them



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Ropley had a good outing yesterday after the first of the two new fiddle yards decided to play ball not to long a delay in problems


Lots to do for Brockenhurst in 2 weeks but we will manage layout is going back into its cradle today so I can start the next step


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  • 2 weeks later...

sorry buddy


ropley has now returned home of course and is currently getting a new crradle


i have ordered wayyyy to much detail accessories to complete off all my sheds before roofs are added


ropley also now has the green light for a 6 foot extension to happen making the layout 30ft total now with the option of taking that off too.


just means now lots more locos to build got to crack on with 30506 who i keep putting off :( and finish the paint job to 30828 to start with


ropley lighting rigs are also in testing too with the intension of being used with options of some on some off etc


the arc welder barrel of burning wood and camera man look good ;)

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so much more to report on ropley at long last


unfortunately the camera lead is missing to connect the camera for photos to be posted


at long last after brockenhurst much work has progressed on meaning the layout is in full swing of its upgrade


so what has happened


all the new brass fencing has now been installed along the fron of the layout having been sat in a box for well over 6 months

the wheeldrop shed has been re painted and detailing has commenced i just have the window ledges left and gutters and facia boards


the signal box is also being detailed with fire buckets steel container underneath gutters and downpipes too


the platforms are to be re sprayed with the walling weathered to blend better the plaform tops pained and lined too


the grass banks are ready to be freshed up as it is looking dull


all the platform details are made except disabled ramps Does anyone make these??


the car park is complete and a few more building items are on the way


shed roofs are nearly finished too


i hope to upload the photos soon to show the progress



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evening all



ropley is slowly starting to re gain momentum mainly focusing on stock again


more detail work has happened sorting name plates small detais on platforms and more


i will post photos in the morning but for now here is a few shots taken a month ago on the line






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