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Fitting a Lenz Silver to a Hornby Tender drive A3 (China production)

It really doesn't get any easier than this

The tenders on Chinese A3s have screws securing the tender.
DON'T FORGET THIS, attempting to remove tender bodies without undoing the screws is the biggest single cause of damage to these models.

They are in the locations circled.

Remove the body, and this is what you'll find.
Desolder the capacitor (In the red box)

The prepared tender:

Solder the red and black wires the the bound pairs. Grey and orange go to the big blobs of solder provided by Hornby.
The decoder can be stuck to the back of the motor block.

Cut the decoder wires to length orthere will be too much to cram in.

The function wires are left with about 1" in case required for another loco in future.

Read it, address it and test it. If it runs backwards its a piece of cake to switch the orange and grey wires over.

Now the most difficult bit... Getting those screws back in!

And it's done! All in about 8 minutes work (When you know what you're doing!)

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