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rust paints for mineral wagons?

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For my 16T minerals I used a fairly dark red/brown, mixed by adding black to one of the Humbrol red oxide shades (sorry but I forget exactly which one) - on the basis that as well as going rusty, wagons regularly used for coal traffic would also get a fairly liberal coating of coal dust, which would tend to stick on the rusty patches which on the real thing would be rough and pitted in texture.

Don't use the same shade for all the rusty patches - older corroded areas would probably be darker. These wagons were also subject to a lot of patch painting - a new, clean door on an otherwise rusty wreck wasn't unknown, as were patches of different shades of grey.


Hope this is of use - I'm sure others will add to what I've put here!

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Use a selection of light browns, rust and darker browns and mix them, vary them, work the different colours together on the wagon. Adding talcum powder will give texture. Remember that rust is not weathering,your wagons will still need to get road dirt added. Try working off a few reference photos.


Above all - experiment and have a bit of fun.



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Guest Max Stafford

This is the stuff I use.




Applying it purely by brush, using the instructions on the back of the box, I have achieved this level of finish;



Hope this is of use to you.



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