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7S58 Shunting at Beattock 1974 - Wagon Identification

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Hi All,


A little something dropped through my letter box today, which gives a little context to what we can see in the images, and also dates the images to being on or after 6th of May 1974.



Scottish Region WTT:



7S58 shown in column 8 and 20:



7S58 shown in column 4:


Explanation of references:


7S58 is described as the 14:31 Saturdays Excluded, Carlisle Yard 'Electric to High Street', booked for a Class 81. But likely could have been anything 81-85. Timetabled to depart Beattock at 15:28, with no mention of any scheduled activity. However, the train is planned to (as indicated by the * in both the arrival and departure times) 'Stops or shunts for other trains ahead or to pass only', at Beattock Summit and Abington. and (as indicated by the L in both the arrival and departure times) 'Stops to change locomotive/trainmen' at Carstairs.


So, the activity photographed at Beattock could be down to a special traffic notice, or a not ruled out hot box.


Any information from the appropriate sectional appendix would be welcome.





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