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Farish PowerBox Controller failed :-(


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Morning all,


Just got my Graham Farish Powerbox controller out, plugging it into the mains and its dead :-(


Last time it was in use it was fine :-s Checked the fuse and all is ok.


Anyone got ideas as to why it would just fail?


Anyone got any suggests for a good quality replacement controller for N gauge models (all recent Farish and Dapol powered with can motors).




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If you are on DC power then i Suggest the Little Gaugemaster Combi controller(if you are on single track operations) , as this is simple and straight forward to use, it is readily available and it is quite smooth as well.


I have used guagemaster controllers for years without problems. Just avoid the E series if you have some slightly older Graham Farish engines and such as the E Series tends to trip out or just dies....


the Combi should cost around £30-45 new I believe, you can get them secondhand cheaper but its worth going new.


Also from about £65 upwards, morley controllers do some very good controllers for N gauge and they are excellent too, the engines run even more quietly than they do on other controllers (me and my friend have tested it on his large loft layout and I will say, it's very impressive!) it is very smooth to operate, you can get scale speed out of it easier but it's a little more expensive, nevertheless worth it.

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