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12v analogue - track feed wire queries

john new

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Well I would argue that mains wires shoyuld NOT be hidden and neatly fastebed to the underside of the layout. They should be completely detachable and accessible for easy testing.


Anything on the layout side of the transformers is outside the scope of "PAT testing" as most people understand the term. Anyone trying to do a high voltage insulation test on my layout wiring would get the test probes stuck where the sun doesn't shine :angry:


Andrew Crosland


Sorry I think I have been misunderstood, when I mean hidden I meant from a point of view of not in view and maintained in a neat, structured and logical way like Bus Bars. Not in such a way that testing and fault finding was to prove difficult or even impossible.


As to PAT testing the layout, well the tester would have to test the transformer and as to if the layout would need to be attached as well, that is down to the tester, not me to decide. My old H&M duette is a class I device, some of the more up to date may be class II devices if they have no earth (some may be even Class III) certainly my controller has a metal case and an earth so is certainly a class I appliance.


A layout is a electrical device with a power-supply. A layout could be seen to be an electrical appliance in much the same away a laptop is (with or without it's power-supply), but you don't PAT test the laptop directly.


I guess what I am saying is; Andrew please don't do anything with those test probes just yet! wink.gif



I would stress that I am not PAT tester and I could well be wrong.




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I disagree that the entire layout is an appliance, for sure the mains controller is, but that's it - unless folk have are routing mains supplies within their baseboards, which is never a good idea IMHO.




Without wishing to 'cross thread' with the current H&S thread over in W&S then I wonder how many people in total have attended model railway exhibitions over the last 50 years (that number must be in millions), and how many electrocutions have occurred in that time?


Sorry Spamcam, but you have mis-interpreted my comments. The whole layout is an appliance, but obviously the mains stuff is all that gets tested.


As for electrocutions, surely the intent is to make sure the number is ZERO and not an unknown number. I wouldn't be surprised if some one here knows of a person who got zapped working on a layout, either at an exhibition or at home/clubrooms.


It really isn't that hard or an imposition to make a layout safe.



Kevin Martin

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I think the laptop analogy is a fair one, at work my laptop power supplies were PAT tested and stickered, the laptop wasn't.

That's also my experience with equipment where the power supply is a seperate "brick". They inspect and test mains leads and power supplies but never whilst connected on the DC side.


Andrew Crosland

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