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Hornby Display unit


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Some help from the electricaly minded people please, as my elecrical knowledge is fading fast :(


I have a Hornby Display unit from the 1980's, nothing 'flashy' just a clear tube with a lengh of track, I would like to get the display working but can't remember how it was wired and I don't want to burn out the relay. Photo's attached show the display item and the relay, two wires to the track and also the reed switches from the relay, basicaly two wires should go to the controler 12V DC output and the other two wires go to ???

I also need a magnet for the bottom of the loco to operate the reed switches, any idea where can I get one of these from?

or should I chuck the electrics in the bin and get a shuttle module?


Any advice please



Hornby Display Unit



Reed switches (sorry about the blurred pic!)






Where do these wires go?


Thanks in advance

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This is a tricky one because we need to know the relay connections to work out which wire does what


Best way would be with a test meter.


Are there any markings on the relay ie Make Model numbers ect.

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Without seeing it but it looks like a triple pole changeover relay so I would assume 1 of the reed relays is used normaly open ond the other is used as a normaly closed switch to latch the relay but I dont know how to do drawings on here to do a diagram

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