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Heisswolf SFR1000 Controller


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Well I took this with me to the members day and didn't really get chance to play with it!


link to Heisswolf web site below:-




I will say now that this is not a cheap controller at 119Euro, but it is a very good high end DC controller.


This is a PWM DC controller, from Heisswolf.






The instructions are only in German, so I had a play about with google translator and actually used it for an hour the night before the members day to see how it operated.

It can be used on any scale, I just wanted to use it after seeing it's slow speed performance when running T-gauge locos(video below)



It doesn't come with a power supply but I have used a spare 18AC 1amp mains adapter from a Bachmann set.




The photo above shows it at a speed of zero with a small red led showing on the display this is the direction.


There are three buttons below the speed controller dial, pressing the left or right button changes direction the middle button scrolls through the menu.




The photo above shows the first menu screen, this is displayed by pressing the middle button once from the driving screen, it shows "no1" or loco number one, by turning the dial or speed control knob this number will increase or decrease to select which number you want, 99 locos can be stored.


Pressing the centre button again will take you to the next page in the menu which displays "Uo" which is where you select the max voltage, in the case of T-gauge I set this to 4.5 so this set value is then displayed, turning the control dial will increase or decrease this value. The minimum is 2v max is 14v


Pressing either of the two outside buttons will take you straight back to the driving operation either forwards or backwards depending on which of the buttons was pressed, you know you're in the driving mode as the red led for direction is displayed.


Pressing the middle button takes you onto the next menu screen, there is no need for an enter button the information is automatically stored.

The next page displays "Ui" which is the pulse voltage again the display will show the current setting.

Turning the control dial will increase or decrease the pulse voltage min 0v max 14v.

If zero volts is set as a pulse voltage only DC will be output.


Pressing the middle button again takes us to the next screen in the menu "Fu" this is the lower frequency ( or frequency at start up) the frequency automatically increase as the speed increases.

After 1sec the display shows the current setting, turning the control dial will increase or decrease this value.

The minimum value is 16Hz the maximum value is 100Hz or what ever has been set in parameter "Fo" (maximum frequency)


Pressing the middle button again takes you to the last page in the menu "Fo" which is maximum frequency.

After 1sec the display shows the current setting, turning the control dial will increase or decrease this value.

The minimum value is 16Hz or what ever the minimum value has been set in parameter "Fu" (lower frequency) maximum value is 100HZ


Pressing the middle button again will take you to the locomotive number select screen "no1"


To resume running the loco press the left or right buttons to take you back to the driving screen.

The speed control knob moves very freely and has NO stop point.

When increasing the speed it increases in steps of 0.1.

It will increase to the maximum figure that has been set in parameter "Uo" maximum voltage, so if you have set a max voltage of 8.3 volts in "Uo" that is the maximum it will go to in the driving mode.


It's actually a very good sophisticated controller, which gives you ultimate speed configuration of the loco you want to run.

As each motor is different it will allow you to store individual settings for upto 99 locomotives.


By pressing down a couple of buttons on start up will completely reset the device to factory defaults.

There is also a procedure to change the short circuit cut-off time.





OUPUT 0 - 14DC

MAX CURRENT 1.5 TO 2.2AMPS (dependant on power supply)

SHORT CIRCUIT OPERATION 0.2 TO 10SECS (Adjustable short circuit protection time, it's how long the short circuit can last before power is turned off)


Hope it proves useful, if you want anymore information ask and I will try and answer, may take a bit of time, if I don't know as I will send an email to Heisswolf which does take time to get a response, although it is in not too bad English.





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