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Mainline / Hornby Deans Goods

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Hi All


Does anyone know how to get the weight out of the boiler of the Deans Goods please?

I have a Comet Chassis to fit, but it needs the weight removed to allow room for the motor. I have removed the screw from the underside of the boiler and eased the sides if the firebox apart but there is still not enough room to get said weight out.


Many Thanks in advance



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Hi SS,


The method is to insert a very thin screwdriver horizontally under the cab floor and then gently prise it upwards. Take care not to damage the drawbar. To refit the cab, locate the tab on the front of the cab under the top of the firebox and gently push down the cab floor to re-engage the catch. Once the cab is off, you can slide the weight out of the boiler.




Comet Models

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