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Freight stock bauxite (pre-1964)- equivalent

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After more years than I care to think about, my tin of 'Freight Stock Bauxite (pre-1964) has finally run out. Does anyone know of a close equivalent in either Humbrol's normal range, or in that of another manufacturer. There's no longer such a colour in the revived Humbrol 'Railway Colours' range, and the local (non-specialist) model shop only does the standard and military ranges anyway.

Thanks in advance


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According to this site...




... the equivalent to Freight Stock Bauxite (HR110) is now 133 Brown... although I notice from the table I've compiled, this has a satin finish.


Railmatch do at least two bauxites... early BR, 323 and Late BR, 235



Thanks for that; it's the earlier 'orangey' type that I've used up.

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