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Latest Hornby Class 56 wheel conversion

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Afternoon all and hope you are enjoying the decent weather.

I've done a Forum search with no result for converting a 56 to EM

Ultrascale only do a set for the old Hornby chassis and for once I have an up to date version which is already DCC fitted; couldn't resist bagging this on the Forum 'shop' recently.

So, has anyone done this or knows someone that has or maybe a link to something that shows how to? (EMGS don't seem to have anything).

It maybe that this could be done like the trusty Class 31 where only a 'wheel stretch' is required for a fairly reliable result (doesn't look that way on examination). I, of course, had bought an EMGS conversion set before realising this simple job using the original wheels - DOH!


P @ 36E

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