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What's Going On Here?


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This photo link comes from a thread about engine colours. So As not to re-direct the thread, I have reposted it here for the purpose of asking


"What on earth is going on in the cab/bunker area?"






The coal seems to be steaming. But it's summer (shadows and tree foliage support the cation details)


There looks to be a sly hand poking out of the cab with a hose and water jet? Or is it a rake? (looks too light for a rake handle)



Intersted to hear your thoughts.



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He's using the slaking pipe, fed from the injector, to deliver hot water to damp down coal dust in the bunker. This dust would penetrate into the cab, especially when running bunker first, which will make everything dirty, but worse can get into eyes, which is painful and would prevent either man doing his job.

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