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Lineside at Balbeggie Sidings


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Down by the line side at Balbeggie Sidings for an hour or so. Sitting in the loops at just after 11.00 am was an extra from Rosyth Docks to Thornton Yard 26 031 in charge. A bit unusual as it had to regular MOD vans plus empty HEA hoppers;


Whilst it was waiting it was passed by 27 105 on 2L34 the 10.25 Edinburgh Waverley to Dundee stopping passenger;

27 105 heads an Edinburgh to Dundee service

As happens at this spot the opposite working passes just a few minutes later. This is 27 041 leading 2G42, the 10.20 Dundee to Edinburgh, due in to the Capital at 11.53.



26 031 was then cleared to head through Thornton Junction and off into the yard. This was done in good time to clear the line for 1A28, the 11.00 express from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Today 47 210 leads;

47210 Edinburgh to Dundee

About 10 minutes later at about 10 to 12.00 the 11.05 Perth to Edinburgh local passes with Edinburgh Haymarkets own 40 064 in charge;


Still not quite been line side for an hour when another 40 can be heard. This is 40 008 leading the 7L30 a Millerhill to Dundee freight, today made up of speed link opens, some traditional vans and wagons and a tail of fertiliser vans;


Not a bad hours work!


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The latest recruit to join the fleet;


Working a Millerhill to Thornton Yard freight 26029 prepares to rejoin the main line, having been held in the loops at Balbeggie.





Once he is away and has cleared Thornton Junction an Edinburgh Aberdeen service scurries by on the main line. 47546 in charge;





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