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Lenz/express models combo help please

Simon Moore

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I've just fitted my third express models kit to a dmu with DCC. Both of the other models I've done previously work fine but this one I've just done has problems.

The model I've done is a Lima class 156, I've used a lenz standard chip & the loco is running beautifully smooth even with the old pancake in there. The lighting has been fitted the exact same way as the last 2 but for some reason e lighting comes on & off not flashy just a few seconds the off the on then off then on very irregular too. Can any of the DCC buffs diagnose e problem for me as I am stumped. The decoder has been reset to factory default settings loco runs smooth but with the exact same problem as when I fitted the decoder. The decoder was in a loco before hand but that was running perfectly too.


Anyone any ideas ????



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