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Building the Mercian FR Quarryman's Coach (Type 2A)

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Well today I built my first etched kit in over 6 years. I actually ordered it before deciding to swap to 2mm FS for my 1st layout (I have 2 that I want t build, 1 009 one 2mmFS), but as I had the day off today I decided what the hell and built it!


Full illustrated construction writeup can be found here


but for now a question - what are the 4 loop ended straps for? They aren't mentioned in the paperwork nor are they apparantly visible in any photo of the coaches that I've seen?




Bottom left of the fret

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Are they some sort of handle or door strap, possibly fitted from the inside? As seen in this photo from Festipedia http://www.festipedia.org.uk/w/images/6/68/Mk2quarrymans%2C1877.jpg


They look similar to the handles in the Chris Veitch bugboxes, but obviously these have doors for the handles to be useful on!


Hope this helps






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