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Isle of Wight Railway.


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Went there yesterday with a group from Taunton and here are some photos.


We used this to get across the water as it could be the last year they run.






Then onto one of these which also could be history soon if the line closes as it needs 5M spent on it.




With a lot of the money going on the Ryde Pier




Then to the steam railway.


First up was HE 3798 ROYAL ENGINEER.




With Freshwater on the other train.




In the yard at Havenstreet was.


Calbourne which some were hoping to be working the trains.




Ajax AB 1605 1918.




Invincible HL 3135 1915.




Waggoner HE 3792 1953.




Army 235 AB 371 1945.




D2554 HE 4870 1956.








The modern stock was hauled by Royal Engineer.




And the vintage stock by Freshwater.

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