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Ready to use Storage solutions.


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My studio (where space is at a premium) is gradually getting more organised.


As I make quite a number of dioramas, small and large, I have need of many and varied bits and pieces.

Those Harvest Festival favourites, Flock and Scatter, Ballast in several sizes, Foliage, Bushes, Trees, Wills Sheets, and a variety seemingly without limit of bits and bobs.


For very small items (eg: telephone boxes, pillar boxes, milk churns etc. etc.), I have successfully used 100 little tins (10p each) properly labelled.

I bought an electronic labelling machine but find it easier and cheaper to print labels on the computer and fix with sellotape.


Recently I found a Pound Shop selling 6 x transparent containers 17x12x4cms, more substantial than some, for, you guessed it, £1.

I invested £20 and a further £15 or so on a shelving and fixings.

Gradually all my debris is being organised and I CAN FIND IT AGAIN!


I use a lot of embossed plastic sheets and these are stored in three plastic 5 drawer cabinets bought from Asda* at under £10 each. However, remnants of sheets are now sorted into my new boxes and are being used instead of 'lost'.


Perhaps this revelation of my activities yesterday afternoon while you were off enjoying yourselves at Stafford** will inspire others - or at least generate some sympathy***.


* There may be other supermarkets selling 5 drawer cabinets for under £10.

** There may be other venues for meeting fellow modellers.

*** There may be sadder ways of using your time.

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