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A possiblility for Electronic publishing ?

Guest dilbert

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Guest dilbert

As a member of the Yahoo gwr-elist group, I received an email today from an e-publisher - http://www.bretwalda...s.com/books.php

The email was essentially requesting people with info to matters re. GWR stations to give them a nod as the publisher is looking to expand on the theme :





I hope you don't mind an outsider intruding on your Group, but it is on a GWR-related subject.


I am the Editorial Director of Bretwalda Books, a publishing company that specialises in history and political books. If you want to check us out our website address is www.bretwaldabooks.com and you can also find our books on Amazon.


We are currently looking for people who are knowledgeable about the GWR to help us with a publishing project. In particular we are looking for people who feel able to write about the stations of the GWR. The project is very flexible so whether you think you could handle a large amount of writing, or only a few hours effort then we can probably find something to fit around you. You do not need to have had any prior experience in publishing, but you do need to have knowledge of the GWR, which is why I am taking the liberty of sending this message to your Group.


I would like to stress at this point that we pay royalties for all writing work done for us. We do not expect you to work for free.


You will be pleased to know that I am going to keep this message brief and to the point. If anyone is interested in learning more please email me on rupert@bretwaldabooks.com and I will send you the details.


I look forwards to hearing from you soon.


all the best




Rupert Matthews

Editorial Director

Bretwalda Books Ltd





If you click on http://www.bretwalda...s.com/books.php there is a series of chapters and an e-book on the LVR, which can be downloaded in different formats (Kindle, PDF, etc…). the cumulative edition is sixty-five pages long (and by no means perfect), but if you like regional history that relates to a line, the historical & more contemporary photographs, maps, etc… then this is a good starter for the £2.59 I paid to supplement other references that exist in a personal library.


This e-business model is reliant on honesty from people as well, i.e., that a downloaded PDF doesn’t get forwarded thru email streams and deny the author of royalties because of an uncontrolled electronic publication format. I would like to see this type of initiative expanded to the other pre-grouping/Big-4/BR etc… eras, whether this is workable or not remains to be seen ( I do have doubts in this repsect).


One thing that I did appreciate from the download that I received – no advertising… dilbert

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