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Brighton Belle PCB

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Having read the recent forum ropics about the Brighton belle I am prompted to ask...does anyone now where I might get a main PCB for the power car. I am an experienced modeller and decided that I would like to add an illuminated code box to my Pullman version of the Belle. Why Hornby didnt put one on the Pullman and only on the 1969 version beats me.

I have added the required three wires to the small connection board but in the process I think I have 'upset' something. All wires are connected. My table lamps will not turn on and off and although the lamps in the power car are all on, the rest of the train are off indicating no power at the coupling wnich has its own pcb.

I have installed a different decoder without any change. The Brighton Belle is a new model as we all know and I dont expect there are any spares, particularly pcb's but I thought I would ask


Incidetally, I am an expert at removng the body now!! I clipped off the wretched four corner clips but lefy the centre pair in tact..By widening the body shell to release the centre fastenings the body comes off very easily with no messing about with the four corner clips. When the loco is being used there is no fear of the body coming off on its own.

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