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3 Pole/5 Pole A3/A4 Tender Drive Wheels - are they Interchangeable?

Simon G

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I have a couple of 5 pole tender drive motors for the Hornby A3/A4 locos, but they dont have any wheels. I know that items like the gear sets are not interchangeable between the Chinese made 5 pole and 3 pole sets, but what about the wheels and axles? Could I use a wheel and axle set from an earlier Margate made tender drive A3/A4?



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on a 5pole china the wheels have a different gear ratio as do 3 pole
3 pole china and 3 pole margate are different as the china has all insulated wheels
and the margate has non and insulated wheels

the margate 3 pole has also different wheel bearings as the axles on the china ones are thinner
these have to be changed as well on a 3 pole to enable margate wheels to fit the china version

5 pole wise the best sets of wheels to buy are any for the thomas range such as gordon and henry
these will fit a 5 pole a4 just make sure its 5 pole wheel sets you order

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