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Brass or NIckel Silver wheels?

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I have a few old Hornby and lima loco's and eventually I hope to be able to replace the wheels for some ultrascale ones.


Am I correct in thinking that the nickel silver wheels won't collect dirt as quickly or have I got this completely wrong?


Another question aswell, while I have been looking through the ultrascale website I have noticed that they have a diesel disc wheel section which the wheel and axle sets don't have any gears on. Is it possible to glue the moulded Hornby gear to the wheel and then thin down the gear so it would just drop in place of the original wheels, or is this just me thinking to much?

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Yes, the general concensus is that nickel silver is better than brass for several reasons. Some say that it is less prone to dirt collection, but it is also harder and has a preferable colour1.


As to the gears, if you mean the moulded gears on the backs of some wheels, then look at the Ultrascale conversion and economy conversion packs which include thes types. Wheels without gears are generally intended for axles that don't need gears or where there is a gear near the centre of the axle. You can press these gears off and fit them to the new axle if it is the same diameter. Alternatively, most of the conversion packs come with suitable gears.




1 of course, some of us prefer steel tyres and some blacken the tyres whatever they are made of...

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