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BR Freight to kent in 1989

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Hiya everyone


freight to kent in 1989


TTA Tanks shell

HEA Damostic coal (household)

BDA / BAA Steel and SSA (Scrap) for sheerness steel

OCA / OBA / OAA UNknown to kent


MSV / POA Stone

MGR coal to northfleet

PGA Any name of company (stone)


any more freight to kent ?


what I am look for and get correct freight for kent


thank you

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Vast amounts, just look for Hoo Junction or Dover in my Zenfolio site, but there was Rochester Goods, aggregates, cement works - nice pictures of Italian vans posted elsewhere today. Dover meant there was considerable Continental traffic. Just consider how much Dave Larkin has published from his home turf.


Paul Bartlett

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You can add to your list:-

fertiliser to Ashford and Maidstone

Transfesa vans to Paddock Wood.

Rowntree's chocolate to Paddock Wood (this went from York to Dover on Speedlink, then back to Paddock Wood on the Transfesa trip) in VDAs

Cars from Sheerness Docks.

Old rail for re-rolling at Queensborough.

Fuel oil/diesel to Dover.(BP)

MoD traffic to various locations.

MGR traffic to Bowaters at Kemsley Mill, Sittingbourne.

China clay slurry to Bowaters

MGR traffic from the Kent coalfield northwards, using the same wagons that had brought coal south- the Kent coal was high-grade coking coal.

Stone traffic included Tarmac at Hothfield (Ashford) and ARC at Allington (Maidstone).

The Channel Tunnel construction traffic would have started in 1987, with wagon-load traffic of things like cast iron tunnel segments from West Midlands, concrete segments and stone from Grain, steel from Scunthorpe and elsewhere.

Now only stone, nuclear flask and Channel Tunnel traffic remain.

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