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British Railways TLV Vans to run with multiple units

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Just been reading John Grovers 'Southern Electric' published by Ian allen in 2001.


In it on page 85 he makes mention of the six gangwayed BG's which were converted to work with the MLV's, TLV No's S68201 to 6.


As I have a surfeit of Bachmann Green BG's I thought one converted to run with my MLV would be nice, however as my period is up to 1967, the year I left to come to Australia would they have been in Green?


The other thing can someone point me in the direction of any images showing the m/u cables fitted to the vans?


All assistance gratefully received.



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Have a look in the long MLV thread, starting around page 6 or so:


Thanks, that was something that I missed when searching the Topics, however, a further question;-


If the TLV's were upgraded to BR Mk2 bogies, which ones are they? I am aware if the Mk1 and Mk1A used under heavier MK1 catering vehicles, but Mk2?


I have Parkinsons Mk1 Carriage Book, in it we go from Mk1 to the Commonwealth Bogie, then the B4 and B5 bogie, where does the Mk2 come in? or are the Commonwealth bogies referred to as Mk2?


Sorry for the long winded question but have a Lined Maroon BG which would just fit the bill as S68203 if I change the bogies, I have a few spare sets of Bachmann bogies plus some kits laid down somewhere, including a Coopercraft Mk1 Chassis which came my way in a exchange some years ago, that has both types of Mk1 bogies in it.


Thanks again for the pointer.

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The "Railway Observer" April 1968 contains details of a RCTS visit to

Selhurst depot on 10/2/68, where two BG's were undergoing conversion to TLV.

These were S68204 (formerly M80925) in blue/grey and S80942 undergoing conversion and still in maroon with no new number quoted. But it became S68205


S68202 was noted in traffic on 1/3/68 in blue/grey.


I'va also attached info from my own notes in relation to the TLV conversions, and their later work.


Brian R

SR TLV.xls

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Thanks to everyone for the help on this one, I will be running S68203 in lined Maroon with Mk1 bogies, I have a set of commonwealth bogies to hand but will stick with the Mk1's for the time being.


Thanks again to everyone who responded.

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