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I am lucky to have access to a iPad running the beta of the next operating system iOS 6.0. Now you may wonder what this has to do with RM, well with this version Apple introduce their own mapping application including 3d options. Now very little of the UK is done yet but I did find that Manchester is done and captured the following 3d render of Longsight Depot Manchester. It shows the substantial, sidings, carriage shed, diesel workshop and what used to be the electric workshop and could be good for guaging the height of embankments, buildings etc.


Now if the rest of the UK gets done to this quality it could become a good supplement to satellite photos already available. Birmingham is the other UK city to have been done although I suspect like Manchester its around a 2-3m radius of the centre.




Added higher quality jpg.


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Yes Bing birds eye map view is pretty good. What is clever about the Apple and also the New Google 3d maps(Google Earth) is that its rendered real time so you can get any view you want for example a view from the west side of Piccadilly Station below. Google Earth doesn't yet have any 3d UK cities but Rome is worth a look especially the Colosseum, it also works on Windows. Do click on the pictures to get a bigger view.


Also thrown in one of New Street.



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