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Price comparison sites.


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I was asked early last week if I'd be interested in reviewing train sets on my blog. The approach came from Idealo, the purpose being to raise the profile of their site as they were expanding into model railways. Having the time and inclination I said yes; the resulting review can be found on my blog here.


As I understand it Idealo is a price comparison site, pointing one in the direction of the retailer rather than supplying goods directly. As I've led a sheltered existence, it's not something I've come across before, my insurance broker sorting out cover for the house and car rather than bulldogs, meerkats or opera singers. That's not to say I'm against searching for a bargain using the Google shopping results or sorting out my e-bay searches on the basis of cheapest first.


I can't see price comparison sites replacing the local model shop, at least I hope they don't. I am aware that the local/traditional model shops can't exist on the sales of plasticard and track rubbers alone, that they need healthy sales of big ticket items to balance those useful but low profit margin bits and bobs. I wonder if listings on price comparison sites might give the small shop the market presence they need to take on the big box shifters.

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