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Steam Days October 2012


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Speaking as a Back Track subscriber, it seems Steam Days is challenging very strongly for the tag-line of "Britain's leading historical railway magazine", with the current issue (out yesterday) being very good indeed.


In this country (certainly compared with the US), we have a tendency towards shorter feature articles, which suggests our domestic readership is presumed to possess a more limited attention span. I'm pleased that Steam Days seldom suffers from this tendency and its articles, though fewer in number, are substantial and generally well-researched.


My principal interest in this issue is a twelve-page article on the Saffron Walden branch by Stanley Jenkins. Now you could say this is right up my line (as it is a long-term research interest of mine), and there is very little new to me in the article, but it is well-written and an excellent feature on a line that surprisingly, though covered in various books, has (to the best of my knowledge and reference sources) not featured in a magazine before. There are even a couple of pictures that are new to me.


Other articles cover ex-Rhymney Railway locomotives, the first part of an item on Brighton works and its products and something Scottish (ok, accounts of journeys between Arbroath and Kirriemuir).

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