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LDT British colour light signal decoder with RR&Co

N Gauge David

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Hi there

Very pleased with the British colour light signal decoders I got from LDT a few weeks ago. I have these linked in to my Silver RR&Co software and I've set up flagmen to control the logic required for each signal. This generally works fine. However one feature is baffling me. When I power up my layout all signals are set to red, as per the LDT manual, irrespective of the logic of the relevant flagmen. The logic I employ is a more complex version of "route set, next block vacant, set signal to green".

Has anyone found a way around the built in LDT logic so that the signals can display the aspect as demanded by the flagmen logic.

Once a train passes a signal then it remains at red and then clears to yellow and green as expected, so my question is just about the initial display on powering up.


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You are saying that the flagmen are in the correct states for the aspect that should be displayed, but the module stays at red until it sees a command changing it to a different aspect?


If so then one way round may be to have a single momentary pushbutton somewhere on the RR&Co screen. Every set of signal flagmen would reference this pushbutton to override the rest of the flagman logic and force a single yellow aspect while the button was pushed. Hitting the button after startup should then cause all signals to go single yellow and then revert to their correct aspects.


There may be a way to force this automatically on RR&Co startup but the manual facility would still be useful as presumably the LDT modules also revert if they are powered down while RR&Co is running.

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