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Germany 12th and UK 15th

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Similar to the report from the earlier DfT report* but from a wider base.


According to the European Commission, German rail travellers are the 12th most dissatisfied customers in Europe whilst the UK are the only the 15th.


In the top four spots are:





whilst the Finns are the most satisfied in Europe.


Despite the lack of Government funding, over crowding and lousy media, it seems odd that the British are more satisfied with the railways than the Germans. Overcrowding on German services is a big issue, especially on long distance inter-Regio services.










*As reported by Colin Penfold

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Not a list where one can be proud of coming first, then!

The eastern European states high on the list, I'm not too surprised at (especially Poland) but, Italy?

Blimey - they must have it rough!

Or, are these people better at complaining than us Brits?


John E.

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I actually believe the majority of the UK population have level of fondness for the rail network. It's the minority (that in all probability rarely, if ever, use it) that come out with the old received cliches of anti-railway scoffing (curly sandwiches, lateness, leaves snow etc.......).

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Maybe it is more down to the psychology of satisfaction ... my experience of German railways when we lived there was very good - leagues better than anything over hear. Cheaper, cleaner, more efficient, more comfortable.

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I think a lot depends on where you live, in the South East of England trains are a part of peoples lives in a way that is rare in other parts of the UK. In most of the UK using the train is a choice and it is perfectly viable and common for people to go years without ever using a train. In the SE it is a necessity and vast numbers of people are reliant on the train to get them to/from work and for many there is no viable alternative. This means that these people are rails most loyal customers in a sense, spending thousands of pounds each year, and have a real connection with rail. When I lived in the North of England and worked in Scotland it would not really have affected me that much not to have a rail connection, living in Milton Keynes and working in London it is a life line for work. This does create an entirely different attitude towards rail which I find is much more positive yet also more critical when things go wrong. In all honesty, having traveled around the world I really do think that pricing aside UK trains are actually very good. OK we may not have the high speed network of other countries but in terms of getting from A to B, train frequency, condition of trains etc I don't really see many places better, the only country I'd place above the UK by a clear margin is Japan.

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Back in 2008 we spent six weeks travelling around Europe. Italy was probably the worst for punctuality and maintenance. We even saw a new high speed train with duct tape around a door to hold it shut and another modern DMU that had a self cleaning, turning toilet seat that you couldn't lift and it was all gunged up with used toilet paper plus the d lock was broken with a lose bolt acting as the lock!


By contrast, both Austria and Germany were the cleanest and most punctual, even more so that the Swiss trains we used. However, both countries trains do suffer with overcrowding.

On a recent trip to Germany we travelled on a double deck Regional Express that was rammed with cyclists on their way out for the weekend. It was hard to get on and off the train. Many of German services are at best are hourly where as many of ours re much better than that these days.

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I think the British are very poor at complaining. We suck up most things. There might be a tut or an exclamation of 'typical' but then we go home and watch the telly. Governments, public services and private firms all get away with murder much of the time.

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Hello everybody,

as i'm from germany here is my opinion.

I travel several times a year via train for business or weekend trip.

My DB experience is good to very good overall.

When you see the people here discussing with the DB staff in the station ... why this is not done in that way... and so on i would like to say it is the german nature to mourn on everything.

For example in winter times after heavy snow fall when it happens that the the train is 15 min late that is a big problem.

The people lossing one our two hours on the Autobahn are not mourning instead of telling something like ... yes, i was there and fought against the weather...

For example on the price topic (an issue for the people) it is more often the problem that they book to late and so you can pay serveral percent more then doing this some weeks before. The people here are very trained to book last minute holidays. That is not working with DB.


Nice weekend to UK


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