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Static and hand placed Grass


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thank you Gents!

I made the ditch first, levelling the bottom with hyrocal plaster, and then glued soil to the bottom and sides.

The water was poured and left to dry, after which the sides were built out a bit to disguise the way the resin 'creeps up', with glue and more soil.

The long grassland clumps in the ditch were planted first, by hand, using darker greens, using loose clumps and rolled 'cigarettes' of a dark mix, and with random long lengths added.


Only after the ditch was done, did I grass the rest, conventionally, using a lighter mix of colours. Tufts and patches were added on top in both darker and lighter, and miscellaneous lengths.


Immediately after an initial hoovering, a dusting with sieved soil to finish.....


The grass was a mix of 4.5 spring, 4.5 autumn and 6mm straw, in ratios depending on taste and location,

And the long grass is medium green and straw Woodland scenics, cut to random lengths and always applied mixed in with normal grass to bulk it out.








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