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Good evening,


I was having a trawl through the KoL images earlier for Chris Higgs and I happened upon a pic that I always liked but it never made it into the final cut.


It was taken on my iPhone, with me balancing dangerously on the edge of our desk in our spare room late one night with only the small directional ceiling mounted spots directed at the layout as it is stored out of use about 2m high on the wall.


I always liked this pic as the light coming in from the right through some nice rays across the quay and all I have done is drop the image into first 'Irfanview' and then 'Paint' to rotate it square and add in a little colour between the body and the bogies to mask out the pick ups and small steel rods which stuck out.


It's the old Farish body too so I am awaiting Bachmann's 2mm release of 37407 in Large Logo livery so I can reshoot some pics of Kyle to depict the tractor period, however in the meantime I thought I would share this for any tractor fans out there...


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