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Blog- What have I let myself in for? - Gremlins in the works and one month to go!

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Another week has passed and the show is now just one month away. Here is the latest update!


This week has seen more changes to the show line up. Sadly the Hockley Goods diorama has had to withdraw from the event. A big thanks to its owner, Don, for giving me as much notice as he could. Nothing he could do and just one of these things. A big thanks to him as well for all of his help and advice over the last few months. Fortunately I have managed to secure a replacement exhibit with a small layout from the Mickleover show agreeing to attend. This will go nicely with some of the other smaller layouts in the show which seem to be forming a display all of their own. We now have a collection of layouts built in suitcases, box files and even a television - perfect inspiration for the space starved modeller. Now has anyone got anything just as "different" which could be displayed on November 10th???


The week gone by has also seen the publication of a small advert in the Hornby Magazine which hopefully will attract some more interest. The headteacher was quite pleased to see that one. She then uttered those immortal words..."perhaps you will need to have an advert next year as well...." Let's not run before we can walk please boss!


Work on the raffle has also begun. This had been passed onto others. Unfortunately the contacting of the local preserved railways for potential prizes came back to me. Last weekend I sent off emails to several railways asking for help. These included the GCR, Churnet Valley, Battlefield, Foxfield, Peak Rail, Midland Railway and even the SVR and NYMR. I didn't expect them all to respond with offers of help. and I was right. Sadly I have received only one response so far. At least this did herald the offer of a prize. A big salute of thanks to the Midland Railway Centre!


Meanwhile back to my layout. Things have been a little quiet again on Skaleby West. Sadly it has been too quiet. The reason for this has been the arrival of the dreaded gremlins - or could that be very dirty track? I tried to use the layout last night to test run a loco which I intended to sell on EBay. Everything was connected up, the engine placed on the Peco loco lift ready to run onto the scenic section and.......nothing! I tried other locos and none of them breathed any life or movement at all. A quick check of the controller proves that it is working so there is something wrong with the layout. Not what I need at this stage! Now I admit I have been a little slack in protecting the track during much of my scenic work, and it has not had a clean with a track cleaning rubber for quite some time. Hopefully a good clean up of excess scatter with a hand held vacuum cleaner and a good dose of treatment with the track cleaning rubber will bring life back to the layout. If not then it may be time to panic.

As for the scenics I have at least made a start on the Hornby magazine kit. I sneaked onto the school's colour photocopier on Friday and copied the kit onto card. This was then cut up over the weekend with the intention of starting the build. Unfortunately family commitments has prevented this, but hopefully I can get started during the week.


Until next time...


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