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A reminder of a Norfolk Holiday...........and some railway stuff.

Hi all!


Not much modelling in this entry, having just returned from a week boating on the Norfolk Broads. If you hark right back to the first entry on this blog you'll see that the original plan was to model the swing bridge at Somerleyton and if anything the latest trip has re-kindled interest in that project, a few more close up detail photos being added to the research folder for future reference!


Anyway, to matters more Southern. Whilst the layout its self is taking small steps forward, I've also been adding items of stock here and there so that when the layout is eventually ready to go out and about there will be something to run on it. The latest acquisitions were picked up from Parr's Modelshop in Lowestoft, which is something of a treasure trove! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.


The first two are a MK.1 BG and FO. These will form part of the Mid Hants 'Watercress Belle' set of coaches, and will eventually be joined by another FO, RU and MK.1 Pullman to recreate the short 5 coach rake use on the Railway's dining services. The coaches seen below will be repainted to match the pullman scheme carried by the real things, although I'm still searching for a supplier of very fine cream decal lines!



Green & Maroon soon to be Umber & Cream




81101 [84101] BG GANGWAYED FULL BRAKE 1958 by pix42day, on Flickr




3067 BR MK1 FIRST OPEN 'SAGE' 1955 by pix42day, on Flickr


There is some interesting patch painting on the BG which I intend to try and recreate and as per the photo above the underframe is certainly more weathered than most of the other stock on the line, so it will make a nice contrast to the other coaches in the rake.


The commonwealth bogies on the FO will be swapped with BR1s from some of the standard green SOs to give the coaches the correct bogies. The Real Ale Train Bar coach is sometimes also slotted into this formation and in true 'wait until I've painted it Maroon' style, this has recently just been repainted in 'blood and custard'. Typical!! I will continue with my Maroon version to allow 'historic' formations whilst converting a second BSK for the 'new' version.


I also picked up a BR 20 Ton Brake, 1 of 2 required, and a Dapol Dogfish for the engineering train sometimes used at Gala weekends. These seem to be rare as rocking horse sh.....poop these days, so quite pleased with that find! Just another 3 to locate now.


I'll sign this entry off with a photo from Salhouse Broad, which is a 15 minute walk from the brewery where the liquid souvenir in the first photo is produced. The Fur and Feather Inn attached to the brewery is another place well worth a visit if you happen to be close by!




Cheers all!




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