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breaking down pre-built kits

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morning all


im looking at some lovely plastic kits on ebay etc.. but they have been built already to my knowledge a bowl of warm soapy water could help in taking the kit down to parts again - is this correct? or does anybody have their own technique in doing a de-construction?


many thanks - Ash

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I've posted this solution before, but is worth repeating


If you want to disassemble a model that has been put together using MekPak or similar then you need the following tool kit:

  • MekPak or Plastic weld
  • Large brush (size 3 or bigger)
  • Clamps/haemostats
  • Weights
  • Foam padding

What you do is you take the model and identify the first two pieces to separate. You then clamp one side/one part and carefully brush Mekpak or PlasticWeld along the joint, weighted side/part down and held over the foam padding, keeping your fingers well clear of the solvent, eventually the joint will separate as the solvent unwelds the join. The weighted clamps will pull away the weighted side from the former joint and the foam padding will catch the part (once you start separating individual parts), Keeping well clear of the washed with solvent edges, you let the solvent evaporate and the part dry. After which you can clean up the edges with sandpaper. Three points: firstly try out the technique on a disposable model first (it takes a bit of getting used to), secondly, it doesn't always work and thirdly the smaller the piece to unassemble the higher the probability of melting the part


Good Luck

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I have had some success with brake fluid in deconstruction of plastic kits, particularly with Cambrian & Parkside wagons.


I've picked up numbers of '80s/'90s era wagons from ebay and elsewhere, assembled with an array of glues (from well applied liquid poly to pools of the old stuff out of tubes) and initially consigned them to the paint stripping vat. Generally, things tend to stay in there for a few days & I noticed a few times that what came out was a kit ready to build again as opposed to the intact wagon that went in...


Most recently did this with a batch of Parkside Grampuses... in went the poorly assembled kits, 2 to 3 days later out came a large collection of parts... Depending on the glue, you may have to gently pull the goopey residue carefully away from one or both parts as they separate, but with a bit of care it usually seems to come away easily. I usually do this step when everything is in the sink with copious quantities of warm soapy water.

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