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Despite having a long list of other things that I really should have been doing I stole a little time this afternoon and evening to work on the Duke - at least this time I know I will have done something on it between Missenden weekends!




Not much has been done to the locomotive itself, I have added two overlays below the footplate that run the length of the valances and provides a row of rivets. Also some back-head detail has been done. The next major job is to do the springs, but I didn't fancy that, so I made a start on the tender. Th main structure has been completed, it needs the wrapper and details to be added and the rather daunting - since it will be a first for me, flare on the tender to be done.


A wash with "Shinny Sinks" and it is back in the box until I can steel some more time to work on it. I can also use the excuse that I want to get some nice brass casting for the boiler fittings and also that I need some tender springs, there are only 4 in the box.


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