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Unintentionally diverted to ebay USA site from ebay UK login.


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For the past year or so I have had problems with ebay USA site when logged on from UK. I had a couple of purchases from UK based sellers go wrong and, when the seller did not reply, I opened a complaint only to be told by ebay that I had bought the item on ebay USA site so I needed to complain via that. As I do not log onto ebay USA at first I thought it was some scam used by dodgy sellers to avoid complaints but I have since realised that this is not the case and it is an ebay problem.


Even though I am careful to ensure I log onto ebay UK, I still get logged into ebay USA. I know this because the UK and USA login screens have a different layout and ebay UK welcomes me by my user name whereas ebay USA greets me with 'Hi' and my actual name. If I use the same link I can get either site on same day or on different days. In case it was an outdated bookmark problem I now browse for a new link to ebay.co.uk every day. Sometimes the login screen shows ebay US followed by ebay UK in the address bar and then proceeds to ebay UK but sometimes it diverts me to ebay USA.


Fearing it was a security risk I emailed ebay and they assured me that my account was secure and said it was probably a cookie problem. My browsers are set to delete cookies on exit and I run CCleaner at the end of every session to clear cookies and all history. I do not store any passwords or user IDs. Using the CCleaner registry cleaner I remove any dead entries at least once a week. I also run Spybot and Malwarebytes often. AVG anti-virus and ZoneAlarm firewall are always running.


Sometimes the only way I can get to ebay UK is to cold boot. In case it was a Firefox problem I upgraded from version 3 to v12 (now up to v16 since updates) but the same thing happens. Again I emailed ebay to be told that it is a Firefox 16 problem and I should go back to an old version of Firefox or use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I do not like Internet Explorer and have nothing to do with Google since I cleared out all their spyware and now block all Google with NoScript. Since I ditched Google more than one year ago I now use Bing as a search engine. It grieves me to say that I like a Microsoft product but Bing does what I want it to do without the clutter, restrictions and information gathering of Google.


Has anyone else had a similar ebay problem?

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When I type www.ebay.co.uk in the address bar it says 'welcome to ebay - sign' in and then displays a web page where it says sign in or register, sign in hyperlink takes me to the following:


eBay Inc. US https://signin.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2F


The eBay Inc. (US) is in green and sometimes disappears but will not today.

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