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Somewhere along the Newquay Branch.


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Hello all.
Im introducing you to my N gauge project, i have several 4mm projects on the go but need somehwere to run my N gauge stock as they're acting as dust collectors at the minute.

My new plan is a small Cornish Brachline set in the summer 2012. so bang up to date. i have Dapol's new First Great Western 153 a couple of 67's and a 66 all in EWS livery, which will work clay movements along the branchline, such as CDA's, Silver Bullets and CargoWagons. I have hundreds of photographs i have taken of Clay traffic in Cornwall, mainly at Burngullow when the trains heads up the Parkandillick branch. and also at Par and St.Blazey, so you can imagine where i got all the inspiration from.
The layout design will be very simple, single track with a typical rural station, owned by First Great Western, an embankment on the backscene and a carpark in the foreground. The trains will appear and desend into tunnels at each end to 'hide' in the fiddle yards. The secnic section will roughly be around 4ft x 18in wide. which in the land of N gauge is enough for what i want to model.

- the station will be a gaugemaster platform kit, 4 sections plus to ramps at each end, the platform will measure 2ft, plus a graham farish station building which looks typical of the WR station buidlings found widely accross cornwall, especially places such as Truro, Par, Camborne and St.Erth. i also purchased scalescenes benches in green, but they will get painted into purple. closest thing i could find is GBRf purple. but its an identical match. Modern station signs were bought as well, such as toilets, waiting room, and tickets.
It was a big bag of purchases, trust me! a ton of static grass and a few other bits.

I'll attatch some pictures of Clay trains and 153/150's i have snapped over the summer, many of hours sat in the car and taking pictures at Burngullow, and LongRock.
i must get some of Penweather Junction and Quintrall Downs to add to my inspiration bank.









More pictures to come of the Dapol 153 and the kits for the layout.

Thanks for looking folks.


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Looking forward to seeing this develop!


Plenty of updates please!!!!!!!


Ian B

Thanks Ian, yes plenty of updates to keep me busy. thanks.


Interesting stuff.


Good luck.


Thanks for the encouragement. ;)



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A few pictures of First Great Western 153 / 150's in Cornwall.














Included in a started set by Graham Farish that i bought last year, was a First North Western 150/1 i intend to put the 150 into ex-centro livery when First Great Western bought 150125 they left it in the blue and green scheme for a while before giving it a refurb (shown above at Bungullow 150125 in purple/pink livery.)

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Thanks Bill, couldn't resist a First Great Western theme.

i've set myself a deadline for this one...Promise haha!!


I would love to come along tomorrow and see Penhallick Junction, start work at 5pm, but possibly pop up for an hour or so...fingers crossed.



( If i don't see you, good luck with the show and have great fun )

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Hi Jack


Thanks for the good wishes......Would be good to see you....& I'll certainly have FUN....


Cheers Bill


spoke to KMRC staff today they mentioned about the show at the weekend. expected to be a good'en!



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Hi Jack00


This looks good. Likewise, we have a North Cornwall layout (00) in the making - in the black and white period but your colour photos have given me hope - it's me that'll probably be the one doing the green stuff and detailing, though my guess is, that even the type of vegetation has changed a lot since b&w times. :mosking:


But, n00 panic, yet, as the track plan has to be finalised though train formations and movements have been worked out (subject to the rest of the build) and the baseboard is up and ready waiting for other modelling distractions to subside a little.


Looking forward to seeing your progress and please keep the photos coming.

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Thanks for the replies, and all the 'likes' much appreciated :D

shrives, the baseboard is 33inx8in, so rather small, and also smaller than first planned.


Oli, haha that made me laugh!!



Oh, and im just about to add some pictures of the layout...been working really hard this afternoon

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Right, as promised, progression of this micro layout, built on a small but thick shelf. easy to attatch fiddle yards to each end.

153380 - 13.20 service Par to Newquay.






Later in the day a photographer captures 66098 on a short rake of Vans, loaded with bags of dried clay.








And later in the afternoon the 66 returns with the empty vans back to St. Blazey






The photographer decides he's had anough for one day, and jumps on 153380 back to Par, where he then makes his way home.





i have created the banks with card skeletons, and tissue / PVA mixture, then covered in bushes and grass.

The car park and wasteland area was humbral grey paint, with static grasses added with additional flowers.


its no where near finished but personally i think its a head start.

Most importantly, i enjoy just watching the 153 shuttle up and down, with the accational clay working. which is pretty similar to the real thing lol, few and far between :)


Thanks for looking,



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Guest 34008Padstow

Loving the new pics Jack. I dont know why but it reminds me a bit like quintrell/bugle or somewhere on the falmouth branch. Keep up the good work.

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