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London - Brighton driver shifts


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Morning all


can anyone help me find out what shifts the drivers that do the Brighton - London run do?


i would have though its 4 hours then a break then another 4 hours? (would account for a run to london. back to Brighton then one more london run)


correct me if im wrong lol


many thanks

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Brighton based driver turns will often consist of a Brighton - Victoria - Brighton, a break and then something else like a double Seaford, West Worthing or indeed another Vic and back.

Barnham based drivers also do Brighton - Victoria runs (some sign 442's) which may consist of working a peak from Littlehampton/Portsmouth/Bognor to Victoria, a break, then an express down to Brighton before a West Coastway service to get them back home. Elsewise it can be a West Coastway jon to Brighton, a break, then your Vic and back and then back to Depot via more Coastway work.

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