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Roller doors or other types for a modern warehouse


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I have built a simple very low relief HO modern warehouse to go along the front edge of a layout and it can be seen from both sides. Has anyone got any ideas about buying some doors that are 2 sided? It would be nice to buy something with all the sliding rails and other mechanism but that might be asking too much and I could probably bodge something if I can just find appropriate material for the doors. Because the back/inside of the door will be very visible, up close, I am thinking it needs the relief provided by plastic rather than simply sticking a print out to some card.




I probably should have mentioned that the doors will be a mix of open and closed.

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I recall a couple of styles of door closures. one was the Roller shutter door which I think you are contemplating incorporating.

Another was a series of translucent plastic strips each overlapping the next, strips were about 8" wide. and would allow vehicles such as fork trucks to pass through without any need to open a door.

Roller shutter doors were guided in steel side channels no more than 2" wide. The fully retracted shutter would make a roll about 2ft diameter above the opening. There's almost certainly a National Standard for such doors, stipulating width and height of opening

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