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Saturday, 16 March and Sunday, 17 March 2013



TO: All Visitors and Exhibitors (Past, Present and Future)






This post is intended for all RM Webbers and, especially, those who are visitors to our show and those who are, or have been, exhibitors (in whatever capacity).


As some of you may now know, after twelve years, 2012 was our last exhibition at Harvey Hadden Sports Complex (HHSC) in its present form. In December HHSC will close until 2015. During that time the current building will be refurbished and, to an extent, redeveloped and, in addition, it will be considerably enlarged to include a new 50m 'Olympic' pool, to be built alongside the existing building . The cost of the new build, plus refurbishment, will be £13.5m


There is no doubt that the proposed new centre will be an impressive asset to both the sporting and the local communities. From our point of view, however, we need to do everything we can to ensure that the 'new' Harvey Hadden which emerges in 2015 is best suited to our event. So, we could really do with your help !


Detailed plans for Harvey Hadden are currently being developed. As part of this planning stage there is a consultation process. It is at this stage that you can help us to achieve the facilities that we need for our event. We may only be one of many users, but we are currently the biggest event that is staged at HHSC !


Please follow the link below, read all about the proposals, look at the drawings and schematics, and then take part in the on-line survey. The survey is not particularly tailored to our sort of event but, nevertheless, it is important the we all use it, and every other opportunity, to state our case. Please note that the on-line survey pages only remain live for another two weeks.





Help with Your Answers:


Q1: Less than once a months (unless you attend more often for other activities, in which case put that).


Q2: Multi-activity Studios / Sports Hall / Cafe.




Q4: Probably best to ignore ! We need Wi-Fi !


Q5: Self-explanatory.


Q6: Self-explanatory.


Q7: You need to convey in your own words that:


You are a regular exhibitor at or visitor to the NOTTINGHAM East Midlands MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION (Please use full title). You are aware that the event annually attracts about several thousand visitors from all over the UK, most of whom stay for the day. In addition, there exhibitors and those manning and stewarding the event, all of whom require refreshments and/or meals.


You consider that the proposed cafe is totally inadequate for the numbers the new centre is likely to attract. This is especially so if there is more that one event taking place at the same time. The present cafe sometimes struggles and during exhibition weekends it is full of cafe customers for the whole day.


You also consider that the existing car park will be woefully inadequate for the new centre. We currently have to use nearby schools for overflow car parking. Two events taking place at the same time at the new centre will result in a horrendous situation.


Q8 - 15: Answer as appropriate.


If you have any other comments to make, please include them and let us know as well (address below). Please let us know when you've completed the survey. A simple "Survey completed," sent to the address below will suffice.




exhibition (at) nottingham-modelrailway.org.uk

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To those who completed the on-line questionnaire, please accept our sincere thanks for your help on our behalf.

The results of the survey are now available and a summary appears below:



Public consultation results

A 20 day consultation took place during November. In addition to the online survey, two public consultation meetings were held and leaflets with questionnaires were available at Harvey Hadden and Beechdale Swimming Centre and distributed within the local community.


A total of 374 survey submissions of these 352 were received online and 22 by completed leaflet questionnaires


Responses were received from sporting officials, coaches, athletes and organisations, exhibitors and sports clubs who use the facilities including Notts Pensioners Action Group, Nottingham Leander, Radford Swimming Club, Nottingham Northern Swimming Club, Notts Athletic Club and East Midland Model Railway



  • Attendance - 42% of respondents said they would visit the new leisure centre at least once a week.

  • Activities - 75% said they would use the swimming pool, 37% sports hall, 32% fitness room and 25% multi activity studios

  • Fitness classes - 31% said they would attend Body Conditioning classes, 30% Aerobics/Spin, 27% Aqua Aerobics

  • Other 22 respondents stated Model Railway Exhibitions13 stated Athletics others included diving, scuba diving, water polo, studio strength, tai chi, trampoline etc

  • Additional facilities - 73% stated they would like free wifi, 52% hairdryers and 38% said costume driers

  • Other - included diving pool, hydrotherapy pool, squash courts, indoor athletics facilities, reinstate cycle track, water polo facilities

  • Travel - 16% less than than a mile, 20% 1 to 2 miles, 64% would travel more than 2 miles

  • Transport - 80% would use a car, 20% a bicycle and 18% would walk


Comments and Suggestions

  • 277 comments/suggestions were received - mostly around design, operation and timetabling.

  • Swimming Pool (195 - 70%) - Spectator seating (number/both sides/good viewing angles), air conditioning, high ceiling needed, must have 10 lanes - so it can be split into 3x25m pools, facilities for water polo, diving, synchronised swimming, under water hockey, canoe polo etc, need to ensure proper scoring equipment, markings and appropriate storage for equipment etc. Regional/National competitions, competition and Olympic swimmers should be consulted on the design, timetabling i.e. 6.30 a.m. starts/public swimming takes preference at peak times, swim for tri-athletes etc.

  • Sports Hall - need to retain/improve indoor athletics track/facilities - ask Notts AC. Needs to be big enough for 2 full sized basketball courts, good access for exhibitors, eternal doors, road access for unloading/loading

  • Café/Catering - needs to be more larger café as currently not enough provision to cater for large numbers attending major events

  • Gym - include matted space for core work/stretching

  • Additional Facilities - Need to include squash provision, cycling (MTB/BMX)

  • Car Park - current condition, number of spaces, overspill

  • Others - Timetable to include early/late access to swimming/gym, Pricing of activities, need to develop the Olympic legacy, don't forget table tennis and badminton

  • Numerous positive comments were recevied: Excellent plans, looks really good, looks fab, really nice layout etc

Around a third of respondants expressed an interest in being part of a focus group to discuss plans further and almost half said they would like to receive further information about the plans for a new leisure centre.


To those who completed the on-line questionnaire, please accept our sincere thanks for your help on our behalf.

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