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Optimum track geometry for my triangle


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I was doing some temporary track laying on my new layout today. One of the sections I tried was the triangle, but I don't think I've got it quite right yet. I was therefore hoping that there was a proven solution to get the best fit curves please?


So my design allows for a triangle formed with one side perfectly straight. This comprises a Peco SL-E88, and complete length of one yard of standard flexi-track, and a SL-E89 completing the top 'arm'. The bottom point of the triangle is a SL-E97 Wye turnout. I am therefore hoping to layout a symmetrical triangle with the top 'arm' straight, and the widest curves on the other two 'arms' possible to connect to the Wye point in the middle at the bottom.


I think the way I tried to do it ended up with the Wye point too far away and resulted in one 'arm' having a tighter curve than I'd expected.


Is there a good method to determine where the Wye point should be in relation to the other two points please?

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It's too late at night for trigonometry, but this works in Anyrail, though you need to trim about half an inch off the straight. By a strange coincidence, 22.5" is 4th radius so it might be easier to lay the curve by trimming bits of setrack (you need 66° which is a double curve plus most of a single). Grid on the plan is 12".



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